In the house just one wall front and back all the outlets just stop working how much will it cost me to fix this I have to use an extension cord to plug in the frige.

Kris B

Kitchen light is not working. looks like there is a problem with the wiring.


We need to add a few breakers to the breaker box in the garage. 

Elizabeth H

We are installing two aerator pumps in our ponds. We have the power panels all activated. We need an electrician to connect the 230v aerator pump to the breaker on the panel. Pump wii be no more than three feet from the power panel. This is for our HOA in Sebastian River Landing.

William M

We have been having issues with some outlets and lights inside of the house not working and we're wondering if we can get a quote to get this repaired. Thanks.

Rafael G

Currently, our finish basement is all run off of one circuit. However, we're running a home theater, some lighting, and a computer down there and when too much is turned on, it often trips the breaker. How easy would it be to add a circuit without ripping up the walls, and what would the estimated cost be to do this?

Aaron O

I need a new circuit and outlet put in my garage. I am looking for a four gang outlet and a 20 amp circuit. I would estimate about a 50 ft run from box to the garage

Mark S

Need an electrician for home improvement. Also need assistant for immediate consultation.

Zipora D

Hello...looking at having 3 dimmers added or replaced and one kitchen outlet. 

Heagerty P

need an electrical inspection so we can have our power cut on in our home. Power has been off for 5 years. Thanks.

William S